UV unwrap basic help

Hi guys. Im learning the basics of UV unwrapping. One thing which is bugging me now is that i think ive pressed a button.
Imagine four planks on thin wood to make a door, these 3D flat rectangular shapes should unwrap in this fashion too, as in id get two very long UVs, along with some little skinny uvs for round the edges of the planks. However when im unwrapping, the UVS come out like how the standard default cube would be unwrapped, all sides the same square UVs. Does anyone have any suggestions as to why my uv unwrap is not actually resembling the mesh which it came from?

Sounds like you need to apply your transforms. Select your object, hit Ctrl-A, and select All Transforms from the pop up menu. Try your unwrap afterwards.

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Thanks man, and good point i didnt think of that! ill try now

You nailed it man, thankyou very much :slight_smile:

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