UV unwrap chess model

Hello. I don’t know how to unwrap this thing. How to do this correctly (sphere and cylinder projection don’t help here)?

For what you have, I’d do a follow active quads unwrap. But really, it depends on how you want to texture. And the only reason I’d do a follow active quads unwrap is because the topo isn’t great anyways. (One of your topo goals should be, evenly sized faces, which isn’t the case here. Another goal is, no 6+ poles, which isn’t met by your UV sphere top.)

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You need to mark some more seams.

Run one straight down the object (it looks like you already have one marked on the head - but it needs to carry further down).

I’d probably mark a seam around the perimeter of the base too.

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Weirdly, cube projection may work. It’s a few seconds to try it if you like it. It’s fast, anyway. I unwrap spires like that.

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