UV Unwrap doesnt work

Hello everybody.

I’ve created a sculpt of a head, Marked Seams, selected all faces of it and wanted to try the UV Test Grid Option. So far is everything ok, but when I want to check it on my model it doesn’t appear. When I switch from Solid to Texture, some faces of my sculpt become darker as below.

I believe its not a bug, but simply my lack of knowledge about blender. As I was sculpting I was in Blender Render, but as it was more complicated I switched to Cycles. In Blender Render the darkened spots dissapears completely.

Cant wait for a solution. Thanks !

could you show us a screenshot of your seams?
(edit) and the UV coords?

Thanks for the quick reply.

How should I show the seams?

Thanks for the quick reply.
I cant put the images as above. Some error.
Here are links to them on google drive.

How should I show the seams?


Have you recalculated the normals? Removed doubles?

also, you need to make more seams. your UV coords are probably overlapping.
(edit) think of the seams of a shirt. if you take it apart, it will all lay out flat. that is what your UV seams should be like.

Recalculated Normals:

Removed Doubles:

Still, thanks for trying !

The sculpt i was doing with the help of Blendercookie “Creating a realistic portrait”. The only thing I changed was the render engine, and had to do some things diferent according to the newer blender release Ive got, like for example loaded in a different way sculpt brushes. The tricky part is the tutorial that is timelapsed. It might be that I missed something, but I followed it twice, and the problem came up twice as well.

from the upper screenshot, it would appear he is trying to communicate with his home planet. i really don’t know what the heck happened there. is there a displacement modifier on it?

Havent thought about it in this way, Ill give it a shot.

I did the seams almost exactly like the guy in the tutorial. Then he UV Unwraps it, on the test grid. By this time turning from solid to texture shows him the grid on the model.

There are no modifiers except mirror and multiresolution.

try removing the modifiers before unwrapping, and make sure your normals are all facing in the proper direction.

Make sure the mirror clipping is off if you’re going for high res on multires. I don’t think mirror and multires work well together. Your UVs also might be welded to one point. That’s what it looks like to me. Also, you have a lot of tris it looks like which will give you trouble with your multires as well. All quad geometry ensures no bad pinching during multires.

Deleting modifiers doesnt make any difference about Uv Unwrapping.

Mirror modifier is already applied. Welded to one point? What do You mean by that?

I think the tris arent a problem, because I saved earlier, before making all the details, seams and stuff and UV works perfect there.

Almost forgot to say, in this earlier save, I have a Subdivision Surface modifier, not Multiresolution. Maybe this is the problem, but damn. The guy in the tutorial makes it with MultiRes. Why cant I?