UV-Unwrap face loop so that it's straight

Hi all,

Is it possible to UV unwrap a face loop automatically somehow so that to force the vertices at the top of the faces to all be aligned on the X-axis in the UV editor, and the bottom vertices also aligned on the X-axis, but lower down.

(Hard to explain… er…)

What I’m trying to do is repeat a UV texture around a loop of faces on a segment of a cone-shaped object. But when I unwrap, each face’s shape is more-or-less preserved, resulting in an arc, and then I have to manually drag all the UV points to align with each other and “straighten” it out. (because each face is a rhombus, not a square) Is there a method of doing this automatically, or is there a better way to achieve what I want that I’m missing entirely?

Does that make sense?

Anyway, thanks in advance for any help… this has been driving me nuts! :spin:


Is this what you’re looking for

Yes yes!

Now before you roll your eyes at me (!) I did read the docs & play around with “Follow Active Quads”, but it did not behave like that at all for me!

Thanks so much - now that I know it’s what I’m after, I’ll go have another look at how to use it to get the effect in your pic.

Thanks again. :slight_smile:

Hmmm… okay got it working after much kerfuffle!

Some gotchas for noobs:

  1. You must have an Active Face selected, otherwise an error occurs and you’re thrown out of Edit mode back into Object mode.

  2. You must select “UV Unrwap -> Reset” before using “Follow Active Quads” if there are existing UV mappings, otherwise the faces will unwrap in unpredictable ways.

  3. It only works on Quads!

On top of that, you probably want to experiment a bit selecting different ActiveFaces( first selected with grey marking). Makes a difference how unwraps. I keep Object Data tab UVs at hand and delete uv if unsuccessful.