UV unwrap just gives me a square

When I unwrap a shape with the ‘unwrap’ command…i just see a big square face in the UVeditor…however, when I use ‘smart UV unpack’…it gives me the result i expect… did i miss a setting?

Hi, did you selected all the faces?

The manual unwrap need seams (done be hand) to work. Select Edges > right mouse button > Mark Seam

You have to mark seams, use cube projection(which could work here) or smart uv. Manual seam marking gives best result if you can aquire that knowledge from somewhere, check youtube for example.

Ah ok, but I have unwrapped more complex shapes before with Unwrap… and those didnt have seams…

Why is that?

Yes that’s correct you should be able to just see the object unwrapped automatic by selecting all the faces.
The seam mark is used to unwrap the object in a specific way to suit your needs. see image:

Maybe they were open somewhere so that blender has clues to unwrapping. Also the basic bodies in blender already have a mapping.