UV unwrap modifier

I use booleans quite alot, but they screw up my faces and UVs. (Modeling alot of boxes, since I am doing architecture)

To my luck there is a decimate modifier, so I can fix my faces very easily, however I would also like to put into the stack to unwrap a cube projection.

Is there someway to do this? Some UV unwrap modifier plugin? Or would this be a potential feature request?

UV project modifier.

Thank you! The UV Project Modifier works great, you just use six projectors, empties rotated so that the -Z axises converge ortogonally (two for each axis, XYZ)


Make sure that you have a existing UV map for your objects, and leave image blank in the modifier. This way you can manipulate the mapping with the empties. The texture can be different for every object they will be specified in the material as normal, since you leave image blank you only affect the UV map http://blenderartists.org/forum/images/smilies/sago/wink.gif