UV Unwrap Only Works 1 Time in Blender 2.69

Hello everyone, coming from Blender 2.65, I’ve observed a strange behavior (bug?) that is happening in 2.69 with the “Unwrap” option in UV Unwrapping.

In 2.65:
When unwrapping a basic cube with the “Unwrap” uv unwrap mode, a result of 6 overlapping squares will be produced. Using other unwrap modes will overwrite this result with a new result (as will overwriting those results with another “Unwrap” procedure).

In 2.69:
Unwrapping the cube for the 1st time with “Unwrap” will yield the expected 6 faces stacked on top of each other result. However, if any other unwrap method is used, or if the basic Unwrap is not the very first unwrap used, nothing will happen (the UV layout will remain as it was). All other uv unwrap modes seem to work correctly, but the basic “unwrap” method only works 1 time (if you use it first) and will not overwrite the previous unwrap.

I’ve tried changing the mesh, selecting and deselecting different combinations of uv/mesh faces, nothing I have tried will make “Unwrap” work more than 1 time. Any ideas?

Can’t reproduce that. The behaviour is the same between 2.65 and 2.69 for me (Linux 32-bit).
The behaviour I’m getting in both is that it will produce overlapping faces with U -> unwrap, which is the same as U -> reset. After using another unwrap method, it won’t do the same with U -> unwrap.
There’s no real way to unwrap a cube as a whole. You would either mark seams or select only some of the faces and unwrap those, perhaps pin those UVs in place and then continue unwrapping the rest. This works as expected.

not experiencing this either. UV unwrapping works normally in 2.69 as it does in previous versions

Interesting- I’m using Windows 7 if it matters. I actually imported a 2.65 project with some meshes and…the unwrap modes work just like in 2.65 (in that “Unwrap” will overwrite the previous unwrap procedure), not sure what that means in the grand scheme of things (maybe that cubes just won’t work that way and I never noticed it before).