uv unwrap problem ?

i loaded in UV ediot the image then use several unwrap

but always get more faces then needed

so how can i get only the selected faces in UV editor over the image

there are too many faces which where not selected in 2.49?

icannot get the selected faces with UV image even after sync it!

see pic

Thanks for any help

I think you have the ‘link views mode’ turned on. In the uv/image editor there should be a button resembling a lock. Make sure it’s turned off. This should get rid of the extra faces shown in your picture.


[ATTACH=CONFIG]123261[/ATTACH]don’t understand why i click it off

but cannot get the UV image to appear!

see pic


[ATTACH=CONFIG]123262[/ATTACH]i can see the UV in 3D viewport
but no the UV image in UV editor
i tried selecting the image in UVimage but it does not appear in UV editor?
see pic

hope file i included here


It works perfectly fine on my pc.

Also RickyBlender I would try to work on your spelling and grammar. Right now your posts lack any form of punctuation and capitalization. People will be more helpful if you try to properly explain your problem. You will also appear less ‘childish’.

I’m not trying to be rude, just trying to help.


sorry english is not my first language !

did you do anything special to see the image in UV editor cause strangly i cannot see it on my PC
see picture above !
could it be the way the Unwrap was done may be?

Thanks for helping

may be it is becaue i did not add any seams
and when unwerapping it will take all the connected face while doing the unwrap

i’ll do another test with seams to see what it gives to have independant island!

i found something here
i needed to click on the pin symbols right beside the UV image button
then the image appeared and stayed there!


The behavior of uv unwrap in 2.49 and older has always been a bit strange and unpredictable. In 2.5 most of these issues seem to be gone.