uv unwrap question(s)


I am following a tutorial form the 3D world magazine (nr 88). Its about texturing in 3dMAX
But one of the files that goes with the turorial ( http://mos.futurenet.com/resources/3dworld/tdw88_texture.zip)is an OBJ. file so i imported that one into blender.

When i try to unwrap the hullfront it unwrapped really nice to my surprise without me having to do anything but press unwrap :).(see screenshot)
Trying to figure out how it was done, i pressed reset and i tried every unwrap option there is but no way i am getting near the initial unwrap.

My question is now: how can i unwrap it really nice like the screenshot?
Is it an unwrap option that i am overlooking or is it just unwrap and moving a lot of vertices around?

Going to keep on trying but if anyone can help me with this i will be very very grateful.