UV Unwrap, Seam Not Closing on Leg-Body Connection

At the connection of my model’s leg to its body, the seam breaks into the yellow brown background color and I don’t understand why, since all the vertices are within the images.

Anyone know?

The tan portions of the pictures are the inner thigh so I don’t think that’s the problem.
The outside pic is upside down.
No .blend since this is a purchased model.


I can’t embed more than one image as a new user; these are the UVs on an image hosting site:

If it’s you painting the texture, in the active tool tab go to options, increase bleed, then repaint.

But if you already got the model like this then someone has done a sloppy job. You could fix it by scaling down the UV islands by a very small amount.

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Thanks! I scaled up the inner “circle” of the outside island and solved the problem.

I’m confused how that fixed it though, since the vertices and edges there were already not touching the light brown fill color.

Because texture filtering (set by use of linear, cubic, smart as opposed to closest in the image texture node) means that textures aren’t point sampled, they’re box sampled. When it looks at what color one of your edge verts is, it draws a box on the texture, centered on that vert’s UV coords, and takes the average color contained in that box. In your case, part of that box contains your background color.

In other words: when texture filtering, UV is more of a guideline than a rule. You need to color outside the lines.