UV unwrap seems to have no effect

Hey all, I’m a total newb so forgive me if there’s an obvious answer to this but I’ve been using blender 2.62 to make what is supposed to be a wolverine (probably a very messily made one at that). I’ve put a few seams in, selected the model and clicked on unwrap but nothing appears in the UV editor window. I’ve tried to find answers in other tutorials but cannot see anything relevant. I’ve attached the file so if someone can have a look and give me an idea of what I need to change/avoid for texturing in the future that would be great!



Wolverine.blend (671 KB)

You had the render result opened in uv editor. Click on the “X” to remove it, it will show your uvs

you are viewing the render result, not the UV map. Click the X in the UV window beside the text that says “Render Result”

also make sure you have faces selected. if you have no faces selected you’ll see no faces in the UV editor

Thanks guys! Such a simple answer - can’t believe it had me stumped for so long!