UV unwrap, simple question?

I’ve watched a bunch of tutorials on UV unwrapping, texture and I’m pretty sure I get at least the basics, but I’m seeing something in the UV editor that is confusing me as I know it’s can’t be correct.

I’ve taken a cube, and using the transform, scale turned it into a tall non square box, all the sets of sides are different sizes. After setting up my seams, marking them, selecting all faces and using unwrap I’m getting a set of six boxes in the UV editor that are all the same size as if I had simply unwrapped a cube with no transforms.

I know this will not work, what am I doing wrong - ugh!



If you scaled your object whilst in object mode you will need to reset the scale of each axis back to 1 by using Ctrl+A / scale (in object mode). If you scaled while in Edit mode you should not need to do this as the objects scale does not change.
It is very very important for all axis scales to be equal when you unwrap if you want to have the correct relative edge dimensions in your unwrap.

In addition, for organic objects its usually best to keep the UV unwrap method as the default ‘Angle Based’ but for hard surface objects you usually get a better unwrap changing this to ‘Conformal’. You can select the unwrap method in the Toolshelf (T) after you have unwrapped.


Thank you!

Boy, do I have a lot to learn :slight_smile:


We’ve all had to pick up blenders quirks to get through weird things like this.
This is one of my golden trio (remove doubles / recalculate normals / reset axis scale) that seems to fix 90% of most modelling problems.