UV Unwrap, Suzanne Tutorial

Hi, I am a real newbie to Blender, but with years of Maya background. Currently my 1st week learning Blender at a quick pace. So far I am really loving the depth of Blender. Impressed with all the features (Game, Compositing, Nodes, Sculpting). Blender rocks and I want to really understand this awesome tool :RocknRoll:

Ok, now straight to the question.

I am following Unwrap Suzanne from book (The Essential Blender) but having a weird situation.

Ok, basically I have Face Island and Nose Island separated at the beginning and like to put them together as a single Island. I did manage to locate the Nose Island inside Face Island. Then I stitched them together and they seem to be a single island now.

The weird part is: when I pin the most top of Face, pin the most bottom of Face, also most left and most right of Face island then I activate Live Unwrap mode, then I move around the Pinned point, somewhat the Nose Island is disconnected (?), it does not go with it. I assume that since they are already stitched, they should move together.

Could this be a bug? I am using Blender 2.57.1. :spin:

Thank you beforehand.

ok, i’m gonna go ahead and answer that (because i don’t like to see legitimate questions like these to go unanswered) although i’m not a 100 % sure about this wether it is “by design” or a bug.

i think weld/align/stitch in blender is there to work on after you are happy with the overall layout (concerning main islands etc).
so my suggestion would be to not use it at this point but instead unmark the seams in question in the 3d view (the pinning should then work as expected). (may be have a look this workflow.)

could someone please correct me if i’m wrong here?

Jo5ef is correct, Live Unwrap is really that, a new unwrap every time a pinned vertex is moved. Since the edges around the nose are marked as seams, the new unwrap will split the nose apart from the face. Clearing out the seams in the 3d view will usually work, but then again you’re back to scratch since the new unwrap will reset the tweaking and stitching.

The approach I like to use is to pin the stitched vertexes and then clear the seams. Then, when I’m happy with the overall unwrap, I disable the live unwrap option and tweak the unwrap a little more when necessary, which it often is on more complex meshes.

Good luck, and welcome to the blender community!

Thank you so much! I will follow your suggestions. Thank you also for the link. Great Blender community.

I am ready to leave Maya (no more updates) and switch to Blender.