UV Unwrap to Unity, which option to use for correct texture scaling?

Hi there, see image below. I am trying to make a small level for unity and am starting with the corridors object however, i think UV unwrapping is not working or i cant find the right options for the walls. You may note that the walls have been made by taking a cube and extruding faces off it. Followed up by the solidify modifier and should it matter, the “top” and “bottom” faces have not been deleted (which i think is what those lines on the UV map are:

In Unity, importing this and applying a material is leading to walls whose individual faces have different surfaces scales and they dont seem joined up at the edges:

What combination of settings or unwrap options do I need to choose to get the material texture to be scaled the same on all faces, and have the texture perfectly wrapping around corners?

As floor and walls often are made of different materials it’s a good idea to unwrap them to separate islands. Select line of faces of the walls, unwrap them to get straight line and make sure to create as little islands for walls as possible (there will be at least one seam to unfold them).
One option to unwrap here is Follow Active Quads (one active quad mapped to UVs is required, e.g with U > Reset). You can scale the island up on UV map afterwards.

Unity isn’t really related here since you should model and unwrap the mesh correctly prior to importing it into the game engine.

Hi there thanks for the response. I have tried the Follow Active Quads but it is what lead to the original picture. Additionally I am wondering if there is a bug in blender’s unwrap function? It seems if I try to unwrap and there is already a UV map in the left window (in the UV Editing layout), sometimes, unless I choose a radically different (AKA Sphere projection) then going between the three active quads options doesnt change the UV maps, sometimes the same options (with the same faces selected) gives different results. It’s really weird.