UV Unwrap tutorial for guns?

hello all, I have recently completed my first model and textured it - with immense help from Eppo and Sanctuary…

I am happy with the result, but I want to sharpen my skills so my models can be used in game (Arma2).

Previously I have just ‘projected from view’ and just textured from high res photo. The problem with that is there is obvious texture stretching, and I want to learn how to properly unwrap, bake a high quality texture on a low poly model, and maybe add a specular map to make it more fine detailed.

I’ve come across all sorts of uv unwrapping tutorials, but the model is usually something simple like a box, or the default monky face. I want something pertaining to an actual gun - how to propely unwrap it, and how to go about texturing it if you were using a high res photo. I also only know how to model something using a side view photo for reference, but many good quality high-res photos of other guns I want to model are usually not quite at 90 degrees, more like 45 degree perspective.

Can someone maybe make a tutorial on how to properly unwrap a gun? and maybe how to make specular map to make the texture more detailed?

I know this is a big task.

I just feel If I don’t learn how to unwrap properly, i’ll be handicapping myself.


Unwrapping is something very good to learn, because it will indeed allow you to texture in a better way your models.

A good tutorial for specifically unwrapping a gun with Blender can be found here :

While it’s for 2.49b , for this unwrapping case, everything works the same in 2.5/2.6 so you can refer to this excellent PDF without being lost by the change of interface, button and shortcuts used being the same.

Now a more general unwrap tutorial using 2.5/2.6, in video, can be found there :