UV unwrap wrong proportions

Hello, I’m trying to paint a catamaran hull but the proportions from the model to the UV map are wrong causing significant distortion. I’m new to 3d and Blender, if helping please give some detail such as CTRL+A (and then what).

Sorry I can’t upload as I’m new, so leaving this site to get some help elsewhere. Good one guys.


I don’t get it. You asked the question, then mentioned possible answer (Ctrl+A, it’s told in many places already what to do next, namely to choose Scale), then you tell that you leave to get help elsewhere? What’s the point to ask the question in the first place?

Hi Zak

I pressed CTRL+A and nothing changed. So what should I do next?

What do you mean by nothing changed? Press the shortcut in Object mode with object selected. Menu will open. Choose Scale there.
Note though that this is a guess based on what you ask in the question. You do not provide any screenshots nor any information about how you created the object so it’s hard to judge but unapplied scale is quite common reason for uneven unwrap.

Zak, pressing CTRL+A in object mode doesn’t change anything.

Pressing CTRL+A then Scale and then scaling the object changes things but why is this related to my question?

Unfortunately due to my newb status on this forum, I can’t upload the blender or screenshots.

How does that change things? What happens? Did you try to unwrap after that once more?
This is related because applying scale if it was uneven makes scale be the same for object data as for mesh data. If not applied difference can cause quite unexpected behaviour of unwrapping, one example.

No I did not re-unwrap after scaling.

I have done that now and have very near the results expected.

Thanks for the advice, it’s just that pressing CTRL+A and clicking scale doesn’t give any feedback on what changed - if you’re not watching the UV window at the same time.

When the scale is uneven and unapplied Blender shows info popup in the Info header (Info editor in the top of the window which is there by default; in 2.79 Default screen layout should be in the top). The message has “Info” level of warning and is on the blue background.
It is easy to miss it though and indeed there aren’t any changes visible except for that message disappear after applying scale.

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