UV Unwraping a face issues.

Hi , im learning a bit more in depht uv ungraping.

I know how to mark seams and uv unwrap. It works good, but i get something like this :



Is there a technic in the unwraping step to get it right , or i must just fix it with proportional editing ?


And , how to i link images here from another website , so that it is with the text , not attached by the post.

its allways the same with uv unwrapping : if u think some vertices are to close together, just pin the vertices with nice position and scale up the vertices that stick too much together
for the back vertices beeing to far from each other : do it vice versa
to the torso : theres no need to mark seams on both sides. its like a zipper, marking left and right wont give u any advantage

yes , pining is what i need , i’ll try to find some tuts if you lnow any good reference for 2.47 could you post it ?

and about the torso . i dont understand , do tou mean is enough to make seams on one side ?

For the body: a seam on the spine line, besides those for the arms, would suffer.