uv unwrapp problem

Merry Christmas!
This is my first post so please be gentle.
Me and a buddy have been working on a game for several years now and it will probably never be finished but it still good fun :slight_smile:
Anyways now we have come to the point where we need to have objects that actually looks like something and not just boxes etc.
So I started to create a buss (this is my first real model so be nice).
I’ve decided to use uv unwrapp for the mesh as I want a single texture to paint for my object. I’ve read through the tutorials and I’ve successfully unwrapped cubes and such (the face, monkey tutorials are way to advanced for me).
But when I try it on my buss I get the following after unwrapping
which is not why I expected.
Here is how my model looks like with the seams in edit mode

Hope you guys can help me with this as I’ve spend several days trying to solve this issue.

Do you have an extra face inside the box, i.e. a wall between the big chamber on the left and the small chamber on the right? I think that’d keep it from unfolding well. If you don’t want that face, you could delete it. Or, if you want it, you’ll have to figure out how to account for it, which I think wil require cutting it out completely, if you don’t want any overlap among triangles.

I didn’t see that extra face! Thank you so much man!

Best christmas present ever :smiley:

the new Archimap script is really awesome, and you dont need seams much if at all. see the wiki for more info.