UV Unwrapped Faces Not Staying Connected?

Once again, I’m having a really weird problem with UV unwrapping. The unwrapped faces aren’t connected. I’ve attached a screenshot below. The circled vertices used to share the same spot, as if they were one vertex (which is the way they should be). Does anyone know how to fix this?


Well it seems like you might have your UV verts split already or of course, if you haven’t tried stitching them together(select two then press V) if that doesn’t work and it won’t allow you to stitch them together, then it might be because they’re misplaced

-(if it’s a misplaced face) Press C, then select a face on the UV map, then look over in your 3D window, search for that face, once you find it, trying clicking on the face next to it, just to see if it’s misplaced, OR you might have to flip your faces around because your vertexes might be reversed?

that’s the only couple of reasons of I can think of for why your UV"s being all screwy, I hope it helps you