UV unwrapped road doesn't stay in correct orientation

I’m doing a tutorial I found here: http://www.blenderguru.com/videos/how-to-create-a-city. I decided I wanted to change the road image (to one with a double yellow stripe down the middle) in the UV unwrapping. Everything worked fine until I tried to deselect the road in Object mode. All the roads were reversed. This didn’t happen when I used the original road image image from the tutorial. But I can’t think what I am doing wrong this time. Can anyone tell me how I can keep the road from switching directions as soon as I deselect it in Object mode.

It also renders out with the roads wrong even if they look right in the 3d view window. I tried going back to the original road but now the same thing is happening with that road too.

This is after I changed the image in the UV Image editor and in the Materials Properties Panel:

This is after I deselect the road in Object Mode.

Select the road, then hit ctrl+a and select scale. Then unwrap again.
Do the same for rotation and location

I tried that and still have the same problem. I suppose I will have to make the path for the road all over again. There must be something I’m doing wrong. I didn’t have this issue when I unwrapped the path for the road using the road image from the tutorial.

I discovered what my problem was. I had three extra (road) planes on top of each other. How I did that I don’t recall (I’m a beginner). But as soon as I deleted the three extra planes, my problem cited above disappeared. It would be user friendlier if there is one unwrapping on top of another, Blender would present a warning message. Now I can deselect the (road) plane in Object mode and the Unwrapping doesn’t reverse itself.