UV unwrapping a curve

Hi there,

i while back i made a sort of vinyl banner holder. Im quite new to blender at least with modeling, i did watch tons uv tutorials but never really model that much :frowning:

I made a sort of fake rope around it to hold it in place in a frame. This rope is made from a curve which i than copy by a array. Now i did add UV to the curve but when i need to cnvert the mesh for my rederapp (thearender) their are no UV’s

As the parts are all the same whats is the best way to uv unwrap these, ive been busy a couple hours but cant find a good solution. I was think about UV unwrapping one part and than add a new array modifier again, but that seems like double work some how.

I also tried finding addons, i found this one which can copy and paste UV but keeps blender crashing (2.69 & 2.68a mac OSx64)

I hope some more skilled people than me have some solutions for me


Here’s a finished render by the way


Have you tried follow active quad method.

Yes i tried that this week and really Does the job Well. What i find weird and probably is my cause if not bowing how, is that I first need to make everything fit properly with the curve and a array. Than convert the curve to mesh and than properly uv unwrap one piece before applying the array on the curve. I thought that if you set the u and v in the curve it would get properly uvmapped automatically. I’ll post a image of what I got at the moment now.

If I understand you correctly you are talking about the U and V setting in the curve properties but those refer to the smoothness of the surface and not the texture map.

Yes, i somehow thought that it would give the curve properly set UV’s as well… :frowning:

Here’s a new test render of the rope, with proper UV unwrapping done