UV unwrapping a plank

I am trying to model a mediaeval style village stocks, with UV mapped textures.

I am new to UV mapping, but I have worked out how to model a simple plank of wood, and I know how to unwrap it and get rid of the stretching, so it looks alright. (Took me a while to figure that out!)

But I don’t only need simple planks. I need a plank with two semicircles cut out of one edge. I did this by creating a rectangle with the semicircles cut out, and then extruding it to get the thickness of the plank. Obviously the front and back of the plank now consists of many triangular faces.

I had hoped that unwrapping this might result in something like the simple plank, just with the cutouts. But no … the triangular faces are all over the place and I can’t see any way to map a wood texture onto them.

Not sure, am I choosing the wrong seams, or is there an option to take account of the fact that all the triangles are on the same plane? Or is it hopeless?

i think it was best if you could post the .blend or at least a picture of your plank. so we can see what you mean more easily.
from what you said before, it doesn’t seem to be impossible to unwrap your model with a somewhat neat uv-map. without having seen the model i would say it is possible with a uv-map like the one from a simple cube with only little changes.


Here is image of plank with some cutouts. There are lots of triangles. But so long as they are on flat plane, you can just unwrap it without problem.