UV unwrapping and object exporting

Hello everyone,

I have got two questions about Blender.

  1. Can I somehow easily select all already unwrapped faces in complicated object? Like I’ve got unwrapped some faces but now I need to select the rest.

  2. How can I export any object with all materials baked on there to file commonly used. If I have materials already baked there is enough just to export it to .dae or .3ds or something? Will it keep the materials?

Thank you very much and I’m sorry about my English.

There’s no way to determine which faces are unwrapped and which aren’t. Basically you can unwrap an object without any seams, so there’s nothing to determine it. What you could use though is the stretching, which you can enable in the UV editor.
For the second question - it really depends what’s the final destination - OBJ can save materials, DAE too etc. What really matters is the application to which you want to import. For example blender can import materials from FBX to cycles, but the result is really bad. The main thing is maps and UVs. Materials are usually easily reproducible.

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