UV Unwrapping and stretching

I am having trouble wrapping my head around how to UV Unwrap. Ive been using the Blender for Dummies book, and I have run into a few issues. Does one have to place a seam in just the right place to reduce stretching? Or does it not matter? And where would I pin a vertice to reduce stretching? Whatever I do seems to cause more stretching. I think Im just missing some key tips or techniques.


Theoretically you can get rid of all stretching - by making every edge a seam :wink: . But that’s not useful at all and in reality you’ll always face some areas that have stretching.

Now there are a couple of technical things that might cause problems. For starters, in Object Mode, press Ctrl+A and select Scale and Rotation to Obdata. This applies all transformations you might have made. Otherwise, the UV editor doesn’t take note of those transformations and maps everything like it originally looked. Nasty.

Secondly, there are two methods for unwrapping. If you go to Editing (F9) -> UV Calculation (next to Multires), you can choose between Conformal and Angle Based. They unwrap stuff a bit differently, with one being better for organic models and the other for mechanical models. Just try out the other if something really wonky is happening.

Of course it’s likely that you still haven’t grasped the concept yet. Like all aspects of 3D, it’ll come with practice. Why don’t you attach a .blend file so we can try to help you out a bit :slight_smile: ?

Ok thank you. Im just messing around with the Suzanne model just because I dont want to start my project yet :P. The test grid is all stretched and rotated… How would I maybe place a better seam or move and pin vertices?


SuzanneUV.blend (288 KB)

Do her in pieces. Target large flat areas like her face and seam all the way around them in a big loop. These parts will separate in the unwrap but will stay more or less flat. In the UV editor, you can select a vertex point, hit CTRL+L to select the island and then move, rotate & resize with standard G, R & S keys.

It’s mostly the ears that cause stretching on Suzanne. Create seams around those and the unwrap should go much smoother.

It’s worth noting that Suzanne is pretty prone to stretching anyhow, since she’s got such an odd shape :smiley: .