uv unwrapping and texturing question

i just found and watched a vieo on blender cookie, which was quite informative. So i now know how to place seams and unwrap a model, however i dont know anything from that point on, could someone explain it to me or link me to some good tutorials on the process?
Much appreciated

There are a lot of good tutorials out there (mainly Blender Cookie, BlenderNerd and BlenderGuru). Without being a bit more specific in your question I find it hard to point something out. Are you looking for texturing with Blender Internal or Cycles? Using image or procedural textures? What tutorial are you referring to?

i mean how do you apply texturing to uv unwrapped models? do you have to paint the textures on or do you just apply an image to the uv coordinates, or what?

Normally I use an image, as I suck at painting. However with Cycles you have also the possibility to use UVs together with procedural textures (in a manner of speaking). This combination is less frequent with BI.
And then there is the possibility of using multiple UVs, multiple images and projection painting. This tutorial shows some nice techniques. I must warn you, that the tutorial features Blender 2.49 and I had a hell of a time figuring it out with 2.5. But it should give an idea of what can be done. You might also have a look at the texturing section over at Blender Cookie.


Don’t know if this is the tutorial you were watching - http://cgcookie.com/blender/2010/01/21/creating-an-axe-part-2/ - but it will show you what to do next. (Perhaps do part 1 first :))