Uv unwrapping connecting wrong edges

I have a mesh, it is seamed and unwrapped, but when I went to paint specific faces, It starts painting the edges somewere else on the mesh. What Am I doing wrong that causes this to happen?


file included


BloxFighter.blend (531 KB)

Did you unwrap him while he had a mirror modifier, or something like that?

I dont think so, I dont even know what that is

I have seen your mesh, first of all, you haven’t added any material to it, secondly, you should paint on the uvmapped area, third in display settings, set it to glsl

dukejib, please read the OP’s post. Anything you say has nothing to do with his problem.

saberboy, as I mentioned in your other thread, scaling down every UV island should solve it. So the islands don’t touch the image border AND each other (except if they’re also connected in the 3d model).

EDIT: there are some doubles in your mesh, so just Remove Doubles

Here’s a new unwrapped version.

First I removed doubles. Then I created new seams; some things that are connected can remain so in the UV.
After unwrap, Ctrl+A & Ctrl+P in the UV editor are nice tools to average scale and place everything neatly inside the image.
Some minor tweaking done to place everything neater and keep a distance between islands and image border.

Rotating/moving with snap to vertex/increments can be helpful too


BloxFighter_new.blend (492 KB)