UV Unwrapping Creates Distorted Faces

I have a simple shape in blender that I need to unwrap. It seemed simple but when I unwrapped all the faces were distorted. Why would this happen on this seemingly simple shape?

Thanks, wviper3


Have you set seams on the model? From this perspective, it looks like you haven’t. If you don’t set seams, then Blender doesn’t know where to “cut” the mesh and makes an awful UV map. In edit mode, select the edges that you want to set as seams, and then click “mark seam”. Try to think of it as unfolding a paper cube. I’d suggest marking the top and bottom edges as well as one edge on the side, so you end up with one big part and two smaller ones (the top and bottom faces). I hope this solved your problem! If not, please attach a .blend file so we can look for the problem.

Thanks Pancakes. The scale was off so I pressed Ctrl + A.