UV unwrapping crenels

I have a problem: how to uv unwrap crenel without those horrible cuts in the texture? Is it any trics?

I know none: Carcassonne Medieval city

But if you find one, i’d be greatly interrested :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy blending !

Are you french? I still didn’t find anything, sorry, except moving the camera so we can see the cut the less possible.

I’m indeed, but here, english ( even my bad one :stuck_out_tongue: ) is mandatory :wink:

I don’t know what you plan to do.
My Carcassonne’s project is targetted to a realtime rendering in a FPS manner and i had to try to deal with those seams.
1st, seams are acceptable on edges that are not beeing seen by close camera. -> edges that can ben cvlosely lokked-at are better when texture don’t break…
2nd, try to ‘dirt’ your texture ( if possible in your project ) as human eye is less sensible to straight lines braking when thei’re seen amon irregularities.
3rd, if you plan to render only a pic, then you can create specific big textures ( mosly like it’s done with lightmaps ) and bake your stones so that you UV don’t fuck-up the real-life stones joints…

This 3rd way can deliver almost perfect result but cannot be used in a large realtime render environment like mine.

Hop you fing your way ! :slight_smile:

happy blending !

Sorry but I didn’t really understood the 3rd. What is a lightmap? (I suppose it is a very stupid question) and how can I create special map? Would it be better to make stone by stone because it is a short range picture?

oh then if it’s a small scene, yes, probably the stone by stone method would do it ^^

A lightmap is a texture used to modulate diffuse texture so that it appears lit but without using actual light in final scene. It’s a technique used is some realtime rendering engines.

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