UV Unwrapping distortion

Description of Problem
Hi everyone, I am new to blender and 3D modeling. I am trying to UV unwrap a simple 3D model, and am having trouble unwrapping without distortion.

Here is an image of the said object and UV unwrap:

I am familiar with basic UV unwrapping and have done some simple tutorials, but I am somewhat confused as to how to unwrap this without the distortion. I have tried all of the default (including UV unwrap angle / conform).

I was hoping someone could point me in the direction of a tutorial that shows how to unwrap objects that are more “unique” e.g. not a barrel or house, or explain why the UV map is distorting so heavily in certain areas.

I know that I could move the UV map around to try to fix the distortion, but that seems like a very tedious and somewhat inaccurate process and am hoping there is an better way.

Thank you!

Hi davec, no problems here so far, try STRG+a Scale & Rotaion in object mode. You need this if you scale an object in object mode.


Cheers, mib.
Used 2.62

Hi mib2berlin! Thanks for the fast reply.

I tried the CTRL+a and then applied the rotations & scales… It appears that it has solved my problem.

Many thanks!