UV Unwrapping Distortion

I want to unwrap (only) the cover and back of my book. I have marked only the cover (white lines) but when I unwrap using (unwrap > conformal) it is totally distorted. (see image).

I have done this successfully before in other Blender versions but I am unsure why it is not working now in Blender 2.62. Any ideas?


Without seeing the .blend it’s difficult to say.
But assuming you have placed your seams on your model correctly, and the result is always distorted, try to select all then U -> Project From View to reset whatever data could be in memory.

Then re-unwrap as usuall U -> Unwrap.

You probably just missed a connecting part so that it can release itself completely. I do that all the time. Also, make sure your normals are correct, remove doubles, and apply scale. Those things take care of most problems for me at least.