UV Unwrapping Distortion

Hello, im not sure if this is the right section for this topic but here we go anyways

I’m trying to unwrap my model to start texturing, im using seams to unwrap and when i get the Uv map the sections ive cut out using the seams look horribly distorted, am i marking the seams wrong? or is it a problem with my mesh? any help will be great.

You’ll see from the pictures that its mainly the wings that are distorted, they dont look anything like what they should, why has blender bent and stretched the mesh?

Without seeing the blend, all i can think is :

  • make sure the Object has its rotation/scale applied (CTRL+A -> Rotation&Scale in Object Mode)
  • check the seams to see if you didn’t forgot to put some on some areas that Blender has no way to unwrap without distorted results
  • after unwrapping , press F6 and see if changing between Conformal and Angle change anything