UV Unwrapping - faces being separated

I’m modelling a simple table as an excercise before I move onto more complex stuff… just to skill up at the moment. Can anyone tell me why, when I’m UV Unwrapping, my faces are being separated? I’ve marked seams the best I can and I would expect the 7 faces on the table leg to be joined but they are being separated for some reason. Anyone know why?

Are you unwraping it with smart UV Project instead of Unwrap?

Do you have multiple UV maps?

Hi there @Rodger_D,
Thanks for the reply. Nope, a single UV Map and I’m unwrapping using Unwrap rather than smart UV project

You might have some split verts.
Try hovering over one of the sections of the object and press L; Select Linked. Now press alt+M for the Merge menu. Select “By Distance” from that menu
This should merge the overlapping verts. Careful when selecting the whole mesh. This can merge parts that you don’t want if you have selected all faces.

If that doesn’t help. Do you mind sending the file?

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Here you go. Thanks :slight_smile:

Just_A_Table.blend (641.7 KB)

Here’s the texture, just in case it helps

HI, i think you get the best results with UV Unwrap Faces> Smart UV Project or Cube Project.

If you go to X-ray mode you will see inside the legs there are extra faces that’s why it split the legs into small faces.

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That was it! Thanks @digitvisions and @Rodger_D for your help on this. I won’t do this again :slight_smile:

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