UV unwrapping for tangent shading is a pain in the @$$

Is there a better unwrap script other than archimap? I can’t seem to get a UV sphere to unwrap into just the top and bottom hemispheres, each in it’s ow projection.

If its just a uv sphere, then just seam the middle and press U/unwrap. It works really good now. What is the difference in regular unwrapping and unwrapping for tangent shading?

No difference, I was just saying that I was using it for tangent shading when I popped this question. And It’s really the only thing I use unwrap for, since I don’t do much image mapping

somebody again did not read my threads about the new tangent feature.

you have to unwrap it as a cylinder viewing from the side to get a proper
result. also do not unwrapp closed surfaces.

when you have a sphere or a ball, cut the pole sides open and scale the rings down to simulate a closed end.
this way you get very correct and scrisp anisotropic speculars at the pole caps.

i can upload the blend file if you need one.