UV Unwrapping Help

Hi all,

I have modelled a fridge and am now trying to UV Unwrap it but am encountering some distortions. I know where they are and what they are, but I do not know how to get rid of them. I’d really appreciate some guidance! I have not done much UV mapping, so I am still learning the best way to do things.

Here are some shots of the model. I have also attached the blend file incase.


Fridge_LG_8Door.blend (575 KB)

you need to make seams on the inner vertical bits.

Hi Modron,

Thanks for the reply! Ok, so did a few adjustments and put the seams on the inside and it is looking a lot better! Thanks! However, final touches… why are my straight lines coming out bent in the UV editor? The texture is getting twisted slightly… how do I stop the thing from ‘curving’?

don’t know how to stop them getting twisted, but you can align them in the uv editor
press W then pick either align X/Y or straighten X/Y

hope that helps

  1. Press U in 3d View
  2. Select Cube Projection from UV menu.
  3. Look at Tool panel (Keyboard shortcut : T) and check “Correct Aspect”


  1. Press U in 3d View
  2. Select UV unwrap ( This will unwrap with seams decided by you )
  3. Look at Tool panel (Keyboard shortcut : T) select Comformal for method and check “Correct Aspect”.