UV Unwrapping HELP!

Well, I got some questions about UV unwrapping as I don’t really have much knowledge in that part. I couldn’t find the answers even though I know they are out there, so I thought it would be easiest to just start a new thread here because you guys know so much about this. :slight_smile:
Now the questions…

  1. When is it best to use the “Unwrap” button with your own made seams? You can’t unwrap it like this without getting any seams if you put on a texture, or can you? I would see seams in my texture then in the corners for example at some parts, because I have a seam there that opens the mesh up. Is this method good mostly if you wanna put in a mark at a specific spot on your mesh or like if you gonna export the UV layout and paint the mesh?

  2. Do you use the button “smart UV project” usually when you unwrap something? Or is it always best to make own seams and just use the Unwrap button?

  3. When is it best to you use “Follow Active Quads” button? I have been using it mostly out of the techniques. This is when I just have a seamless texture I want to go over the mesh while trying to avoid seams.

  4. Lets say I got a square, divided into 9 faces. I want the middle face to be one material and I assign that material to that face, then if I have a sub-surf on, the material won’t cover the whole face (If I’m not wrong) unless as much as I know, you put seams there to make the material cover the whole assigned area. Is there any better way of making the materials fit the whole area? Or do I need to add seams or separate that part of the mesh from the rest of the mesh? (this explanation may be bad :O)

  5. Lastly, when do you mainly do “texture painting” in blender?

Is it just what you prefer to use of these techniques that you use, or do they all have a special use?

I know I asked much, but I hope you can tell me the “secret” answers! :slight_smile:
AND, if there is something you don’t understand, tell me and I will post pictures to clarify it. :wink:

Thanks! :smiley:


  1. Depends on organic or mechanical, but all the time
  2. Lots of times for stuff in the background or something that is mechanical
  3. that is really useful for getting loops to carry a repeated pattern in a controlled manner
  4. subsurf is deforming the surface, you won’t be seeing a perfect square in the middle face anymore without editing loops and adding to the geo
  5. myself, all the time since the tools have been improved so much. see my youtube channel for tutorials I made on that

Oh, okay!
I think I get it! :slight_smile:
But if I have a mesh that I’m happy with, only quads, but most of the quads are very stretched, and can be square formed if I just add some more loop cuts. Should I then do that or does that matter to the topology or texturing?

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

NO, you don’t need to add loop cuts - you can simply use a generic new image in the uv image editor set to use the UV grid instead of blank, and then turn on the stretch option in the N panel in the image editor - you can then see the amount of stretching there and move verts to eliminate the stretching. When unwrapping, decide if you need to use Angle Based or Conformal, and pick the method in the T panel after unwrapping.

Oh, okay, nice!
Another thing that got into my mind was modifiers. Do you apply modifiers such as array and mirror when you are about to unwrap and texture? In some cases that’s maybe wrong, if you want the texture to look the same on the mirrored side or on the duplicates from the array modifier and so on. That is my idea of it, am I right/wrong? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, now you are getting into the territory where it would be quicker to set up a little test of your own to see what happens than asking for advice. Remember, Blender will always show you exactly what happens when you press some button. If you do get interesting or counter-intuitive results, you can post them in Blender Tests to show the world how things work.

I know what you mean, but I wanted to be sure because I haven’t seen anyone doing that before and I thought it would be weird if you needed to apply them, nvm.
(This is my new account because I think my old account has such a silly name for a site like this.)