UV Unwrapping help

Guys I couldn’t able to correctly UV unwrapping simple oblects without streaching and distorting the textures on the object.
I am attaching a 1.blend file which include 3 simple object I am trying to texture. I have attempted UV unwrapping and you can see the result.
Now can some one please help me doing it correctly on this file with steps? If some one can make a video tutorial It would be great.
Thanks in advance…


1.blend (1.27 MB)


I had a look at your file and the main issue here is that you are trying to map everything to a UV square and that is giving you all the stretching.

Because the mesh has varying thickness, with a simple unwrap (for this piece at least) all the stretching issue disappear.

However, I would take it a bit further and add more cuts there where all the deep crevices are, that way you can get less distortion without too many visible seams.

Hope that helps, do not try to squarify all your UVs, they have to conform the mesh shape a bit better. Unless you gonna be using tileable textures, in that case, a bit of stretching might be the solution.

Thanks for your guidence…Would certainly do what you have suggested. I can see you have use pinning. is there any special purpose of pinning.
In third Geometry which is very simple have distortion of textureat corners? Any solution for that? what I am doing wrong?

Pinning is useful for many things, you can pin a loop of UVs align them so they lay flat and re-unwrap for the rest of the geo to adapt to the pinned UVs.

For the third mesh you can do multiple things, but the fastest would be to either use “Follow Active Quads” or “Unwrap” with “Conformal” option.