UV Unwrapping In blender

SO I am trying to follow this tutorial.

I went step by step and 1:06 sec into the video from edit it mode is says to select UV Face select or something close to that. Only thing is on my screen that does not exist.

Can someone help, I tried 2.46 and 2.47

Here is what I see:

What am I doing wrong?

There is no uv face select mode anymore, you can do the same things in edit mode, using face selections. I think. >>;

UV face select was rolled into Edit mode starting with 2.46. Just go to edit mode and press U.

Great thanks tatsuyame and DichotomyMatt! Worked perfect

Sorry to hijack the thread but I have a similar question.

I’m unwrapping and painting Suzzane (following an example in the Essential Blender book) and everything goes ok, but when I render the places I paint don’t correspond with what I see in the render.

say for example I paint the mouth, then when I render the segment I painted appear midway the snout of suzzane.

any ideas what I did wrong?

@aperira: I am assuming you have loaded the texture painted image as an Image texture. If so, check that you have selected UV as the coordinates on the Map Input tab for your image texture.