uv unwrapping is dropping faces


I’m seeing something I can’t figure out. I have a boot sole model that I’m unwrapping. For some odd reason it’s leaving some faces out from the bottom. (see screen captures) I don’t quite know how to solve this. Maybe my geometry is confusing Blender’s unwrap logic? I’ve got all quads as near as I can tell, so I don’t know. Any suggestions are appreciated.


Have you tried recalculating your normals?

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I have already tried recalculating normals, but thanks for the suggestion.

I just thought of something that’s probably relevant to the problem. The faces that have disappeared are an area that I just reworked. There were a lot of triangles, so I redid the area with quads. So the sequence of events is:

  1. unwrap with the original triangle faces
  2. rework area with quad faces
  3. unwrap again, now the new quad faces are missing.

…this make me wonder: is the unwrap logic retaining some ‘memory’ of the old triangle faces? If so, how can I ‘clear’ this and get it to start fresh? If this is even what’s happening…I don’t know anything about the unwrap logic/internals…

ok, I solved this, though I’d like to know exactly why it solved the problem.

I created a new image in the UV/image editor, then unwrapped again. Now all the faces are unwrapping. So it would seem that the uv unwrap is somehow associating with the image? At any rate, moving on now.