UV unwrapping lost while rendering!!


I recently started working with blender…

I have few planes in the scene which have same material but have been unwrapped to certain parts of the texture.

Now the problem is, when I change the view-port shading to rendered, all is good. But when I render this, the unwrapping takes its own coordinates and display them.

any help is appreciated.


What renderer are you using ?
Have you more than one UV unwrap
How have you applied the texture to the material. Did you set the mapping coordinates to UV
Can you supply a link to your .blend file and texture

Thanks for the reply Richard.

Renderer - Cycles

I am not sure I understand “more than one UV unwrap” correctly.

I will try to explain like this…

the texture contains 1-100 numbers. there are 100 planes (4 vertices for each plane). All the planes use the same material.
Each plane should show each number. A lot of them are getting rendered correctly, but a few are taking the texture coordinates wrong… like a plane which should render 50 is rendering 10. but it shows 50 in viewport.

.blend file is around 700mb,

attached is the texture I am using…


Then use it to figure out why it does that. Alternatively you could prepare a .blend containing only the planes and upload that file, tutorial linked in my signature shows how to prepare a file and how to upload.

It’s not more explanation or exclamation marks that people need to help. They need to see the setup, material/texture/viewport view/render settings, the mesh and related data (UV), post-processing settings, everything related to the problem. Now all they know is that it doesn’t work and no matter how many times you repeat that, it’s not going to give even a hint of why, which they could point out.

Thanks for the reply JA12, I will prepare a blend file and upload.

I recommend checking the visibility settings for all your objects and any modifiers on all the objects you have in the scene. I can’t think of any other settings that change between the realtime viewport and rendering.