UV unwrapping overlaps

I made seams, however when I UV unwrap certain places overlap is there a way to avoid this?

Which unwrapping method are you using? As far as I know, the UV seams only apply when you use the plain “Unwrap” option, most (all?) the other options ignore seams.

Im using the unwrap, I thought I did a good enough job with sea placement, I didn’t want any islands. Im 3/4’s done manually fixing it so its no big deal now but would be good to know for future reference, maybe the seam placement wasn’t the best. Also the typology was pretty crazy.

I’ve had problems similar to this. I’ve usually been able to solve them by adding in a few more seams to separate out the overlapping parts. Also, my experience has been that the topo is pretty important for getting a good unwrap. If my topology is a mess, my unwrap is even worse.

I’ve recently watched some tutorials on retopo. It has been time consuming for me because I can’t use a mirror modifier, but the difference in the quality of the unwrap is HUGE. The more uniform the mesh, the better the unwrap.