UV Unwrapping Problem in Ubuntu

Hey, Im using Blender 2.66a in Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtal. I was following a tutorial from blenderguru about creating a photorealistic water splash.(thanks Andrew Price for the tutorial :slight_smile: ) Then I found a little problem here when I was following it, it doesn’t turn out the same. I was just making a sphere and selecting a vertices around it and “Mark Seam” it. Then I press U then unwrap, and it gives a result into the UV/Image Editor. So I just upload an image below so you can see the problem more clear.

This is the tutorial

And here is my project

Can you see the difference? In the UV/Image Editor on the right hand side, it shows different result.

Then I try another object, a cube, with a loop cut in the middle and it was Marked Seam. Then I unwrap it.

The UV/Image Editor somewhat gives a weird result. I just imagine the cube, I guess the result of the UV/Image Editor should show squares whereas above it was showing a distorted squares.

So please help me to solve the problem. Or is it a bug?

I get the same distortion as you do with the cube on Windows 7, mine’s even worse actually. The sphere halves are positioned exactly as they are for you.

I don’t think I see a problem or a bug here actually… Especially not an Ubuntu one.

Not quite. Just think of the model being made out of paper and you want to lay it out flatly on a table. If you only cut with a scissor through the middle, you will have a hard time getting both halves flattening cleanly. You just need more cuts (seams):


Concerning your problem with the UVed sphere: Did Andrew Price use the same version of Blender? This can be minor differences in the algorithm used to calculate the UVs. You can rotate the UV islands afterwards to match what you saw in the tutorial - if necessary.

Hard to see in the screenshot from the tut, but do the UV islands touch each other in that? Are they connected? If so, then maybe Mr. Price did not mark the whole edge loop as seam:


Hey Jasiek and ikari thanks for the reply.
@jasiek well if it is not a bug for ubuntu, maybe it is a bug in blender. Or maybe it’s not a bug at all, it was just me who don’t understand what unwrapping is haha.

@ikari Aha! that could be an answer. I just didn’t think about makin more seams. You are right, I need to make more cuts. Yeah I imagine it was made from a piece of paper and your screenshot looks more logical that it was made from cuts of papers. I’m going to try it out later. But what about the sphere? The one that I made by following Blenderguru’s tutorial? It should be the same, right?

@ikari thanks for another great reply, I think you’ve just hit the spot! Haha

No, I don’t think he was using the same version of blender. I guess he’s using blender 2.5. Sorry I’m not with my PC nnow so I cant check the tutorial now, I’m replying from phone by the way :).

Yeah you’re absolutely correct! The one that Andrew made was just like yours! Yes there is one edge connected, just like yours. I think that is why his result is different from mine. Wow! I’m really excited to try that out on myself. I hope your analysis is right. Thanks ikari!

You’re welcome!
And BTW: The fact that Blender 2.66a is the newest version in the Ubuntu repositories doesn’t mean you’re stuck with that. Just download the newest version from blender.org, extract and start the Blender binary with a double-click.

@ikari Yeah but I’ll use this version for now. It’s enough for my needs haha.

@ikari I have saw the tutorial again and I didn’t find any mistake that Mr. Price’s tutorial. He did mark seam all around the uv. Here is the image that I capture.

Well you maybe think that the edge that missed to be selected could be on the other side of the sphere, but as I saw the video, he didn’t miss a single vertex…

Now I try to make what Ikari has said. Here’s the screenshot:

It really is connected in one edge. But on the UV/Image Editor, why is the size of the circle on the right and left is different?

I don’t understand why my blender is different from Price’s and yours…

Or get a PPA with daily builds, such as “irie”.