UV Unwrapping Problem

Hey guys,
I am pretty new to blender, but I still tried to make the throne of Game of Thrones.
Now, when uv unwrapping, I get like a “distorted” map, which I don’t want. Really don’t know how to descripe it, sorry for that. I attached a screenshot so it should be better to understand.

How can I fix this?

That’s because of the shape of the geometry. Blender is trying to flatten out all the shapes into 2d (compare it to the distortions of maps due to Earth being spherical). You will have to mark some edges as seams. This is to separate the uv unwrap into segments, with the marked edges being the seams where the segments are divided.

Just select the edges and search “mark seam” (It can also be accessed with Ctrl+E)

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Thank you very much!