UV Unwrapping problem


Not sure how to proceed further. I thought if I unwrap separate regions of the building it will be easy but it turned out not the case. For instance middle section bricks are larger although this bit is unwrapped like the rest and shader mapping scale is the same. I also noticed there will be no displacement running seemingly over the whole brick area since I have separate UV maps for different parts of the building.

What would be the best way to unwrap it?


If “the bricks in the front seem too large,” as indeed they do, then you can simply re-size the corresponding area in the UV map. You should find that the texture is scaled in proportion to the relative size of the image polygons vs. the UV polygons.

When a texture needs to “turn a corner,” as is happening to the right side of the door, you may need to unwrap these areas as one piece, or to make very slight “eyeball” adjustments to the scaling and position of the UV polygons. Things are right now “very slightly ‘off’” in this area right now.


Thanks for coming forward :slight_smile: I finally managed to do it BUT my main concern is that I look for more efficient way to do it. Lets say connect pieces of different UV maps together. Not sure if that is possible in order to have one single UV map at the end. When I try match texture of the seemingly and technically same height mesh at times I get different scale UV maps . No idea why that happens given UV maps are of the same building which is also being scaled.

“When a texture needs to “turn a corner,” as is happening to the right side of the door, you may need to unwrap these areas as one piece”. I have tried this one few times but for some reason face didn’t flow in one continues manner. I also introduced seam in hope to direct the flow but it didn’t work for me. I have done it successfully many times in the past but this time.

At the moment I feel like I need to spend some time watching youtube tuts for UV unwrapping tricks and tips so I can be confident what I do.

By the way is there a way to match scale of different UV maps by numbers?

The UV editor has a tool called “average islands scaler” which makes them all the correct size compared with each other.

You might be interested by the “follow active quads” unwrap method, it can unwrap a model in a completely straightened way. You will have to search for a tutorial, because it’s not obvious how it works.


To get perfectly straight lines with Follow Active Quads, select one random face and align each of the four edges (using the Align X and Align Y UV operators) so those edges are perfectly straight. You’ll use Align X on the top and bottom edges, and Align Y on the left and right edges. Then, you select all the faces, keeping that face as the active face, and Follow Active Quads


I find a few good UV unwrapping tutorials stretching over few hours. Feel free to watch too if you want: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDURGTLNu2Q&t=11s

Thanks for the tips )))

I think you have that the wrong way round. :wink:

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Yeah probably, I have a weird mental block where I always mix up X and Y, Vertical and Horizontal, etc. I’ve tried a million different memory methods but I honestly think that part of my brain just has crossed wires :sweat_smile:

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