UV unwrapping problems (Hands, Neck)

Hey guys
I actually working on a character and recently I finished sculpting and created a “low” poly copy of the model which I want to unwrap now.
I always hated unwraping and always failed to make a decent uv map even on easy models. Unwrapping started good but I have some problems with the hands an the neck. Maybe it’s my terrible topology on the hands but the neck should be pretty easy to unwrap and I really don’t know how to fix this issue. It’s basicly just a cylinder but the result is terrible. Could you give me any advice for unwrapping these models please? :smiley:
The hand looks bad anyway but a decent neck uv should be possible I guess.

Are you selecting all and hitting U -> Unwrap or using some other method? It’s strange that you’re getting so much distortion. Especially the neck as that should be a pretty trivial unwrap job.

If you can post a blend.

Step 1 Remove any doubles
Step 2 check your seams
Step 3 check your seams
Step 4 Ckeck your seams again
Step 5 Unwrap using angle based and the conformal to see which gives the best result
Step 6 Check your seams
Step 7 go to step 1

Richard, are seams important when unwrapping? :wink:

Richard Marklew thank you :smiley: Even the hand looks decent with angle base unwrapping. I didn’t even know there are uv options in this panel ^^