UV unwrapping question

Hello all!

Note: I am a major beginner but I have a pretty solid knowledge of basic modeling. What I am having a tough time understanding is textures, materials, and the like. I know a lot of this comes with experience but I have decided to model and texture an iPhone 7 + based on this tutorial here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddZZZ_TKW0Q

This is a decent tutorial but the issue is he skips over things that a beginner would need, like texture and UV mapping. I am trying to reverse engineer a lot of what he is doing but right now I am stuck at the point below.

The guy in the tutorial mentions fixing the UV map. He is referencing the back of the iPhone because it does not look to match the correct back exactly.

  1. Does the UV map have to be an exact copy of the correct image?
  2. If my map is in need of reshaping, do I just move the vertices around until they fit the dimensions?

Once you have unwrapped something, you can select, move, scale points in the UV editor window just as you do for the model. The changes here only affect the uvmap, so you can tweak the layout to match the image, or part of the image, you need.
Also, you don’t have to unwrap everything at once in the same way. You can unwrap say the screen polys of the phone using project from view, then use ‘follow quads’ or unwrap on the sides. If they are using different materials, you can have them overlapping without any side effect.

Here’s a basic phone shaped object showing what I mean, I unwrapped the front nad back by selecting the poly, going into top view and unwrap->project from view. The sides, I put a seam on them, selected one poly, hit ‘L’ to select linked. Unwrap->Reset, followed by unwrap->Follow active quads. Then mapped the images by rotating the polys in the UV editor window and moving points.