UV Unwrapping - Seams

I have never done much uvunwrapping, and i started doing it. I am trying a simple model of a bird. However, where do i choose to put the seam? What ever i try ends up giving me a wierd shape, missing parts/squished into 1 part? Are there any guides showing how exactly something is unwrapped?

Is the seam the “hinge” or where the mesh actually splits open?

If you put a seam around some polys and unwrap then that part become an island on the uv map.

Where you put the seam depends on the model. Best way to start is to use a checker texture. Put some seams around the main parts and then unwrap. The aim is to unwrap with whatever you consider an acceptable level of distortion.

Look at the model, any parts where the checker pattern breaks down need either extra seams or dividing into more parts.

Have a look at some head or body unwrap tutorials to get a idea on where to start placing seams.