UV Unwrapping tutorials


I’ve had a hard time finding any really comprehensive tutes on unwrapping - everything I find uses cubes and simple shapes like that. Please forgive a newb for needing to ask more…

a) I’m unwrapping the body of a 747, which has different widths along it’s tube.
b) I have the seam on the underside of the tube, running the long way - nose to tail.

c) the problem is (among many) when I unwrap it, the distances between the verts - in the length) is altered drastically…mostly extremely condensed - or is this a visual illusion of unwrapping? In short, what am I doing wrong here? Or, can someone please guide me to a really extensive tutorial about this?


Only a suggestion;
-I won’t use LSCM for non organic… (only an opinion)
-For the body, apply cylindrical projection
-For the wings, you may apply planar projection, top and bottom projection.

Thanks, I’d like to try that…but then I only have ‘cube projection’, then there’s ‘cylinder from view’…I also don’t see planar projection either

was that a typo, or am i not looking in the right place (U)


Different possibilities:

  1. Use a mirror modifier (delete one half of your mesh before.) Many symmetrical objects are easier to unwrap that way.
  2. U-> Project from view.


EDIT: that does work for this case…thank you

i think ultimately it must be a problem with my topology, as i see much more organic shapes in other’s examples which seem to lay out quite nicely