UV Unwrapping

Hy guys, I’m an experienced game developement artist and now I would like to change to Blender, but there is one thing I just don’t get it.
When I create the UV I have two possibilities:

  • Select all polygons on my mesh and turn off Keep UV, so I can move the polygon islands or change the UV island shape without changing the adjacent UV islands.


  • Turn on Keep UV so I don’t need to select the mesh (I can modify it if I want) but when I change the polygon Islands it will affect to the adjacent UV Islands too.

But why don’t we have a third option when I don’t need to select my mesh, I can modify it as I want and I can change the UV too as I want without it affect to the adjacent UV islands.

As a Modo user it is very frustrating for me.
BTW Blender is great :slight_smile:

Maybe this is what you want to do (if I understand correctly):

You can select faces in the mesh editor, and then alter them in the UV editor (which you can see in the .gif that I moved the face across the texture)

Sync off, sticky selection off, select, move as you wish.

Thank you for the explanation gif, but my problem is in this case i can’t see the other UV islands so i don’t see the texel density is right or not or where are the other islands.

so I need to select my mesh, there is no options to modify my UV in this way but without selecting faces?