UV unwrapping.

Basically I’ve forgotten how to do this, been a while since I used Blender. Anyway, how do I unwrap my model into an image file which I can then go on creating my texture(s) on?

I remember it was possible, just not how to do it. Any help appreciated, thanks.:confused:


I looked at that. Either it’s just me or it doesn’t explain what I’m looking for.

I’m looking to do this:


So in essence I have a texture reference/guideline.

You probably didn’t look further down once you decided it wasn’t what you needed. The very next “article” is what you want.

the next page explains how to unwrap and get the islands. So, unwrap the hand and put those UVs over the hand texture. repeat for other body parts.

EDIT: thx HA.

Actually I did, but I really don’t understand that article. It goes into detail about a load of stuff and lost me right at the beginning. All I want to do is simply unwrap my model and save that as an image, I’ve read through that page 3 times now and it really doesn’t make sense.

I remember there was a very simple method to do this and I found it again.

UV/Image editor > UVs > scripts > save UV face layout…

And that was that… :spin:

Oh you were so close, the next Wiki article went over the save UV face layout script:

(Note: I am aware you don’t need this anymore, but in case someone else comes to this thread, they will have the link.)