UV Unwrapping

Perhaps , I´m doing something stupid but when I´m try to unwrap everything in Blender (even a cube) nothing happens.
I am using Blender 2.48 RC 1 ( I tested with 2.47 and the same occurs) in Windows Vista.
The steps that i did was:
1)Split the the 3D view to create an UV/Imagem Editor view
2) TAB to select vertices;
3)Select vertices with SHIFT RMB;
3) CTRL + E to mark seams;
4) Repet 2 previous steps until the finish mark the seams;
5) U to enter UV Calculation menu;
6) Choose Unwrap;
7) Nothing appears in the UV Editor.
UV Calculation was seted to Angle Based
Thank you for any help.

Make sure after you have marked your seams that you then us “A” to select all you want unwrapped - if you have no faces selected, you will not see an unwrap occur.

That was exactly the problem.
I understood by the tutorials that was necessary to select the “lines to cut” and not "the content ".
I was selecte only vertices not faces.
Thank you.

You are very welcome. This kind of thing is the same experience I had myself, so don’t feel alone - we learn one step at a time, and we get better every day :slight_smile: